Interview: Marc Toulemonde, Global General Manager of SkinCeuticals

Interview: Marc Toulemonde, Global General Manager of SkinCeuticals

 Der Anspruch an Kosmetik steigt, nicht nur dass wir alle länger jung und frisch aussehen wollen, auch die Tortur sich durch 1000 Tiegel kämpfen zu müssen  und aufwendige Prozeduren auszuhalten, nimmt beharrlich ab. In der Kosmetikindustrie sind in diesem Jahr die Seren zum Top Thema aufgestiegen. Die hochwertige Linie SkinCeuticals forscht bereits seit Jahren nach einfachen und präzisen Lösungen zur täglichen Pflege der Haut. Mit erstaunlichen Ergebnissen, wir haben den Global Manager von SkinCeuticals zu diesem Thema befragt:  

MC: Can you please give a short intro about yourself!

MT: I’m a beauty freak who has worked on many different beauty brands but I can confidently say that I am the biggest fan of SkinCeuticals and the strict formulation parameters in which we develop.

Over the past four years I have lived in the US with my wife and three kids.  I’ve also had the pleasure of living all across the globe and enjoyed two wonderful years in Germany.  My wife and I are big fans of German beer and the Octoberfest festivities.  (smiles)

MC: What are actually the main requirements on modern beauty?

MT: As the population ages and we work longer hours, there is a requirement to maintain a youthful appearance.  Consumers are becoming more and more curious about the aesthetic offerings. The challenge is: how does one fake it, but not look fake.

MC: The formula of SkinCeuticals is a patient-registered palette. What makes the line so extraordinary?

MT: SkinCeuticals is a problem/solution-oriented brand with the goal to provide physicians with the best tools to care for their patient’s skin.  Our regimens are designed to be tailored to individuals based on skin concerns and needs.

The strict formulation parameters that we abide by are what make SkinCeuticals so extraordinary.  At SkinCeuticals product efficacy is held at a higher level than most products and while we want to deliver and produce products with elegant textures, it is more important to formulate with active ingredients that deliver results.

As a physician sold skincare line the burden of proof expected is so much higher than any other product on the market which is why we like to describe our line as a cosmeceutical range, bordering the line between beauty and pharmaceutical grade product.

MC: Your key products are medicine-tested serums. Why are serums so popular right now? Is it possible to force the same effects with normal crème products?

MT: Dr. Sheldon Pinnell formulated the first antioxidant in a serum, not for marketing- but because he found out (and patented) that the only way to delivery vitamin C in an effective form was through an aqueous solution.  Some molecules might be more efficient in another delivery system such as our A.G.E. Interrupter which has the highest level of Proxylane™ on the market (30%) and can only be formulated in a cream.

When we have to choose between delivery and efficacy, we always select the delivery based way on what will best hold the formula – not a marking story.

MC: What promise can you offer to your customers? And why are you so sure keeping it?

MT: We promise to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and correct past damage. What we don’t promise is to reduce your wrinkle by 40% in a week or replace doctors’ treatments with home care.

And, we are sure we can keep our promise for two reasons.  One, we don‘t make unreachable marketing claims and two, ALL of our claims are backed by clinical studies, most of which are published in peer reviewed medical journals.

MC: Customers who‘ve never made any experience which sera, what can you recommend them?

MT: Every regimen needs to start with the right diagnosis. This can be performed by a physician, aesthetician or nurse in a medical spa, or by a dermo adviser in the pharmacy. We rely heavily on the professional diagnostic and training but do offer tools to assist with diagnosis such as the newly launched Skinscope LED.  This new device offers new technology that shows the hidden damage under the skin to best determine the most appropriate correction and prevention strategy, which for us always at least consist of an AOX serum plus sun protection. This new Skinscope will be available in Germany as of January. But the current version is already in use and shows clearly UV-damage, dryness, and wrinkles. No one wants to look like the future of the skin the Skinscope uncovers. That might be the best argument to start with an effective regimen right after the diagnosis.

MC: Using SkinCeuticals regularly – at what time can I see first improvements?

MT: With some products you will see immediate results, for example A.G.E Interrupter will restore water and nutrients to the skin improving the appearance of dark circles. However most of the products in the catalogue will take 2-3 months for visible results.  What I can confidently share is that the women and men who use the brand have been using it for many years and have become real brand advocates who have experienced dramatic results.

MC: Meanwhile your product range has helpers for nearly every skin type to prevent, care and correct. But research and development never stops in this industry, would you mind telling us a bit about future projects?

MT: We are still investigating full potential of vitamin C serums. We know they are great to protect against UV A and UVB induced damage. Today we also know that they can protect against IRA, infrared radiation (HEAT) as well as pollution. They also have a clear benefit when included into esthetic medical treatments, for example CE Ferulic significantly reduces the downtime after a laser-treatment – added value both for the patient but also the doctor.   As we continue to study this wonderful ingredient of vitamin C, I’m sure we will continue to uncover additional benefits.

MC: Thank you Marc

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