Diptyque eröffnet den ersten Store in Deutschland & wir haben vorab mit der Direktorin Fabienne Mauny gesprochen

Diptyque eröffnet den ersten Store in Deutschland & wir haben vorab mit der Direktorin Fabienne Mauny gesprochen

Ein Stück Paris in Berlin – Wer einmal dem Charme von Paris und seinen Düften erlegen ist, dürfte dieser Tage kleine Freudensprünge machen, denn das Französische Traditionshaus diptyque eröffnet am 07.Dezember seinen ersten Store in Berlin. In der herrschaftlichen Kulisse des Ku’damm reiht sich fortan ein kleines Juwel olfaktorischer Handwerkskunst.

Eigentlich darf man noch gar nicht von einem Traditionshaus sprechen, denn diptyque blickt auf keine Jahrhundertgeschichte zurück sondern macht sich erst seit 1961 einen Namen, der aber dafür für Sinnlichkeit, Vielseitigkeit und Qualität steht. Auf der ganzen Welt ist diptyque mittlerweile bekannt für Duftkerzen, Körperpflege & -öle und Eau de Parfums. Das Geheimnis ist Authentizität, gepaart mit der Gabe die Schönheit in seiner reinen Form zu genießen und dabei immer seinen Wurzeln treu zu bleiben.

Die Wurzeln hingegen,  liegen in der 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, als drei Freunde begannen ihrer kreativen Leidenschaften nachzugehen. Christiane Gautrot als Interior-Designer, Desmond Knox-Leet als Maler und Yves Coueslant als Theater Direktor & Szenenbildner. Zu Beginn entwerfen sie noch Stoffe und Tapeten, dann wird aus dem kleinen Studio ein Sammelsurium verschiedenster Produkte aus Beauty, Interior und Design, die es bis dato in Paris nicht gab.

Das „Iconic Oval“ also das typische Etikett von diptyque entwarf Desmond Knox-Leet im Jahre 1963. Es ist inspiriert von einem aus dem 18 Jh. stammenden Medallion und ziert fortan die Eigenkreationen der drei Gründer.

Seit 2008 leitet Fabienne Mauny das Unternehmen. Die Französin weiß nicht nur wie man strategisch eine so sensible Marke wie diptyque leitet, sie ist auch massgeblich daran beteiligt, dass der kreative Erbe der einstigen Gründer in die Welt getragen wird. Und das nicht schnell und über-kommerziell sondern stilvoll und erhaben.

Ich habe Fabienne Mauny vor dem Opening einigen Fragen gestellt. Das Interview gibt es diesmal auf Englisch und da wir  beide keine „Native Speaker“ sind, bitte ich euch über einige Formfehler hinwegzusehen: 

Ein kleiner Einblick in den Store

In preparation for this interview I read your very straight-lined CV which is really impressive. How did it all start in the beauty industry?

I started in the beauty industry many years ago, at Yves Saint Laurent.

As the financial controller of the fragrance division, I was lucky enough to work tightly with the marketing and commercial teams in our different subsidiaries worldwide, regarding their launch and investment programs. I learned a lot. And after many years in the fashion industry, where I was running the EMEA  ( Europe- Middle East –Africa) ready to wear and accessory business, I joined diptyque in 2008 and was happy to be back in the fragrance world.


You have been working for almost 30 years in the luxury industry. How do you personally feel about luxury in general? And how has your relationship changed regarding luxury products by permanently working with them?

Luxury is a word that is maybe used too often these days. At diptyque we do not speak out loud, we do not advertise, we do not speak too much about luxury. Our creations speak to the senses, they are delivered with extreme care, artistic details and a high quality.

Our fragrances have no language barriers, they speak to the soul, they awake imagination and positive feelings. It seems to me that this is a trend which is worldwide relevant today: people rather want soulful goods and moments than luxury. This is the luxury I really appreciate personally, in general and definitely at diptyque.


Your keynote for diptyque Paris is following: „Expanding the brand by staying true to their ethos....“. How difficult is it to establish an ethos from the 60s in our actual world? Or is it exactly that fascination that represents diptyque Paris?

Diptyque’s ethos has always been about freedom and innovation. Freedom to choose and propose products according to the founders‘ taste and curiosity at the beginning of their adventure, innovation to create scented candles when nobody was doing them and to launch a unisex eau de toilette in 1968, when the market was much more traditional.

This heritage allows us to keep working with an open mind, seeking beautiful ingredients and telling amazing stories that continuously take you for a journey and make our creations unique.

In a world that is changing so fast, we keep doing what we have been doing for years, which is to create soulful fragrances and decorative objects, to make everyday more enjoyable. Because today more than ever, people need to continue experiencing with their 5 senses and awaking their imagination.

We also continue to innovate: for instance in the last few years, we have launched 3 new home diffuser styles with totally innovative approach that nobody else can offer on the market! These range from the scented oval which is wax based from the hourglass and the electric diffuser, which are both cold diffusers. The later techniques are new fragrance diffusion techniques that have allowed for expanding our range of products by enabling us to toy with ingredients that would otherwise be off limits to us because technically they do not react well in burning wax.

This is how diptyque remains a contemporary brand. The House in a way does not change, and at the same time, it permanently renews itself - to stay at the top of present, to stay open to changes, to adapt itself to new environments – this makes diptyque a timeless brand.


What is your personal fascination of diptyque Paris?

With its eclecticism, diptyque has such a strong identity, with our iconic oval label; everyone recognizes it.

It has the strength and capacity to fascinate anyone that gets in contact with our products. Because it is artistic, because it speaks to senses and emotions, because it means quality, and also because it is sincere. More and more people worldwide get addicted to diptyque, hopefully more and more German customers will fall in love with diptyque, when they learn more about it in our new Berlin store.

As far as I am concerned, even being in diptyque for many years now, I still feel surprised, everyday, by the beauty of the House and the special link it creates with its community: its customers, its teams, all the talented craftsmen, artists, suppliers… that all share such a passion!

Holiday Collection

And what’s the customer appreciating about diptyque Paris?

diptyque is an authentic brand, that tells true and poetic stories. All products find their inspiration in nature or travels, and these stories touch our customers, bring them emotions. Our permanent attention to quality, our scents that have a very specific signature, the timeless and refined graphic design of our products explain I think the special link that the brand has developed with its fans since 1961.

Our boutiques have equally contributed to enlarging our “fanbase” because no diptyque boutique is like another. They all incorporate hints of where they are established be it Tokyo, Paris or Berlin combining the creative, atypical, elegant heritage of diptyque with the architectural and cultural heritage of the city.  Despite their singularity they are related in that all diptyque boutiques are welcoming and warm.

This, I think allows for customers to truly experience the brand for what it is: a warm, welcoming and elegant bazaar.

There are so many high-quality perfume houses in the world. How is diptyque Paris succeeding constantly with such a unique and high-class range of products?

Our success comes from the fact that we have managed to be very dynamic, very creative in terms of new product proposals without compromising on the quality, both in products and market presence.

The home fragrance market is very competitive; there are new comers almost every week. But it is not that easy to do a good scented candle. Ours are done with a lot of care. It takes two days to make a diptyque candle, and need twelve manual operations. It‘s a true craftsmanship. Once again, it‘s a true luxury, not because of the price but because of the care, time and quality.  And the ranges are so rich in candles or personal fragrances that you can pick up a new one very often, according to the season or to your mood!

What I have achieved with my team here is to grow the business in a very qualitative way, staying true to the brand values and to the selectivity of our distribution.  Ultimately, it all comes down to remaining faithful to the brand’s ethos by enriching it with a daring creation and an innovative eye that looks towards the future.  

andere Produkte von diptyque

Berlin is opening the first diptyque Paris store in Germany. What is the concept of the boutique?

This first shop has a sober and warm atmosphere that harmonizes with the spirit of its setting -in the luxurious Kurfürstendamm- combining second-hand furniture, parquet flooring, tall bookcases displaying the collections, blown glass chandeliers – a nod to the lighting of the great European opera houses – a window housing the 34 Collection and glass roof, both inspired by Art Deco and mirrors in a circular arc. It is a reflection of this art of living that characterizes the Perfumer, a place where you feel good, where you enjoy being caught by surprise by the olfactory emotions and the memories they hold.

And the last question: What is the diptyque evergreen? What should you own from the huge range of diptyque Paris?

The diptyque product offer is so rich, it is difficult to choose.

From the iconic scents of Figuier or Baies (a delicious mix of bulgarian roses and black current leaves), you can really find so many things to make your day a great one.

Woody scents for the winter time, floral fragrances for spring, fantastic textures in our body and face care lines. There are also amazing poetic objects in our store exclusive line „the 34 collection“, inspired by our first store on boulevard saint germain in Paris: candle holders, vases, fabric accessories and many more.

All of them will be gift wrapped for you with our unique colored silk paper combinations, making them so refined and joyful. Believe me, diptyque is the must have destination for the Holiday shopping!


 Diptyque Berlin

Kurfürstendamm 193-194



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